Top 4 Reasons for Water Damage and Professional Solution

Top 4 Reasons for Water Damage and Professional Solution

Damage caused from water is a dreadful situation for any family. Along with causing a harsh impact on the house especially on walls and many other parts, it can damage your possessions as well. Most of the time, the water damage is caused because of some unnoticed problems.

When we can’t see the problem and it remains there unresolved for weeks or months, the result is severe water damage. And the most problematic part is you don’t realize the damage at once, it takes 24 hours to a few days to see the signs of the damage. And the obvious option left then is to call for water damage restoration.

What causes water damage?

When we hear or experience such a thing, all we want to know is the cause of the damage so that we can be careful about that. And the bad news is there are a number of reasons that you have to be careful about. Here are the most common reasons.

Burst pipes

This is one of the most common reasons for water damage in the house. This can happen due to a number of reasons like uncontrolled water pressure on the pipe, change of temperature in different seasons and deterioration because of the age of the pipe.

Improper household appliances

There are a number of household appliances that can be possible reasons for water damage in the house. Two of the main appliances are washing machines and hot water tanks. Damaged hose pipes or crack pipes often cause damage. Some other appliances are refrigerator, dishwasher etc.

Clogged gutters

Gutters are meant to keep clean all the time for smooth water flows. But many house owners don’t really maintain the gutter. And the result is blockage due to leaves and branches and other debris.

water damage restoration

Toilet Overflow

 This is another very common reason for water damage in the house. If there is clog in the main sewer line or drain line, then the toilet will overflow and will flood the house. 

There are some other reasons as well like issues with the plumbing of the house, lack of maintenance of the air conditioner or sewage backup etc. The actual problem will only be identified and resolved during water damage restoration and this obviously requires professional assistance. One might think of doing it themselves but that can be risky and can cause long-term damage which might become unrepairable.

Role of professionals

When you are having water damage in the house and you have no idea where this is happening from, the best and reliable option available to you is to call the professionals. Identifying the right reasons as well as verifying all the other possibilities for water damage is very important and this requires professional expertise.If you are going through water damage issues and living in Manitowoc County or in the surrounding areas, you should call Lakeshore Restoration LLC. They are a certified and insured restoration contractor that offers 24/7 emergency service. They offer various kinds of emergency cleaning services like water damage, sewage damage, fire damage etc. And they also offer air inspection and mold inspection.

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