Use of Different Moon Phases for Strengthening Moonlight Spell Casting

Use of Different Moon Phases for Strengthening Moonlight Spell Casting

No individual is perfect in their live. We all are going through some kind of trouble in our lives. And most of the time we believe that coming out from this trouble is a never-ending process and we give up. What we don’t realize that the key to a happy life is hidden within us. Identifying that force and working on them is a difficult process for most of us. And here comes the role of spell casting.

There are different kinds of spell casting methods applied by different witchcraft. And one of the eminent ways of them all is moonlight spell casting.

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What is Moonlight Spell Casting?

The importance of moon is witchcraft is immense. Moon is regarded as one of the most significant and powerful methods to amplify a spell. This is so popular and so effective that different phases of moon are chosen for different spell casting. And those spell castings are performed only during those phases for maximum benefits.

Though there are some Wiccans who are not very convinced with how moon play a pivotal role in spell casting but this has never discouraged the moonlight spell casting. One thing is very certain that this requires a good amount of experience for successful spell casting.

Though it is believed that almost all kinds of spell apply the different phases of moon in their casting. There are even clear indication of particular moon phases where most amount of energy can be received for strongest manifestation. Applying moon phases make the process of spell casting faster and effective

Different Phases of Moonlight Spell Casting

New Moon

As the name suggests, new moon is naturally the darkest moon phase and seeing the moon is not possible during this time since there is only a thin ring in the sky. This happens only once in every month like the full moon. At the end of waning phase new moon appears on the sky. And it is believed by the witchcraft that new moon spreads the highest amount of “light weighted spiritual energy”.

Waxing Phase

Waxing moon is basically the period between new moon and full moon. This is a 15 days long period and during this time moon becomes brighter and brighter night after night. And waxing builds energy and this energy is utilized during the moon spell casting. This is also believed to be very effective.

Full Moon

One of the most significant phenomenon of moonlight spell casting is full moon. This is the brightest phase and the most powerful phase. This happens only once in a month at the end of the waxing phase. This particular phase offers the highest amount of “heavy weighted spiritual energy”.

Waning Phase

Achieving the success of moonlight spell casting depends on so many factors and this requires an experienced person to perform the task. For the best results you can drop in at Ms. Phillips has spent years perfecting the craft and now she intends to help others with her vast experience. She believes that spiritual awakening is possible.

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