Smart Ways to Deal with Scams While Hiring A Local Locksmith

Smart Ways to Deal with Scams While Hiring A Local Locksmith

Before you need to hire a locksmith in an emergency, take your time to find a trusted, local locksmith. Don’t forget that locksmith scams usually target the property owners when they’re at the most vulnerable condition. These circumstances might be an emergency or when someone badly needs an immediate solution. Yes, you might think that you can easily find a local locksmith by searching online. But that is not that easy. Do you know that locksmith scammers are imitating legitimate local locksmiths and thus, are gaming those online directories? Sounds shocking, right? In this article, we will be discussing on how to avoid scams while hiring a local locksmith.

Play safe and act smart to avoid locksmith scam

It might sound awkward. But in many cases, the fraud locksmiths don’t operate any local shops at all! Instead, they run their business by out-of-state call centres. In most cases, they might not even have any training, knowledge or experience. Who knows if they are the bad guys who mean harm!

If you want to avoid these traps or don’t want to end up hiring a crook, you need to act smart. To stay away from fraud or unskilled workers when you are facing a lockout problem, take your time to research and don’t forget to consider the following tips:

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Search for a genuine “local” locksmith

Make sure the locksmith you call answers you with their legal business name. If your locksmith gives you their local address, search for that specific address online to confirm its location. Also, crosscheck if the locksmith calls you from a local phone number instead of an out-of-the-state one.

Crosscheck the ID and licensure of the locksmith

Ask your local locksmith to show their ID, and a locksmith license if it is applicable on your area. If your locksmiths come to you in an unmarked vehicle, that is not a good sign. Also, if you see that they advertise their business in different names, you had better switch to another locksmith.

Ask them for a cost estimate

According to the industry-leading locksmiths, when you hire a locksmith in your property, you are hiring the entire locksmith shop. The average locksmiths will cost at least $60. On the other flip, the Call centre locksmiths generally quote prices around $20 and $40.

Well, this might sound more alluring. But you can stay sure; that right after those guys deal with the problem, they will overcharge. Those people might claim that the job is more complicated than assumed before. Always get an estimate before appointing any locksmith. If he/she refuses to provide an estimate, leave them for a better option.

Are there any additional charges?

A locksmith can charge you extra –

•          At emergency hours

•          Depending on mileage

•          For replacing the trouble-making parts, etc.

Make sure your investment pays you off. Your local locksmith should be able to answer all your relevant questions. If he/she refuses, that is not a good sign.

Fluctuating bids – A red flag!!

If you find that the on-site price of the local locksmith doesn’t match the phone estimate, it is a red flag. The fraud locksmiths can overcharge unfairly for a clumsy job and can force you to pay more unlawfully. These actions are unethical. Stay away from them.

Don’t allow the locksmith to drill the lock

Remember; don’t let your locksmith drill the lock in case you are facing a lockout problem. Be wary of locksmiths who insist or recommend on replacing or drilling the lock. You only need these solutions when you need to open the high-security locks. The experienced locksmiths have the skills and tools to unlock almost any door.

Assure these factors before hiring a local locksmith

Before hiring a locksmith, assure these factors. If the business can’t or don’t want to provide detailed info regarding all these, skip that option.

•               Their exact business location

•               The process they will follow

•               If they need a picture of the lock

•               Estimates and the factors that can increase the estimate  

•               Mode of payment they prefer  

•               The name of the locksmith who will be visiting the problem site

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Local locksmiths you can rely on

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