Different Types of Child Custody & Why Hire An LDA for The Paperwork

Are you seeking child custody? Well…It’s a legal process that involves a lot of steps. First of all, you need to know about the different types of legal child custody arrangements. Here are them:

  • Sole Legal Custody – One parent will be responsible for making decisions regarding the health, education, and welfare of minor children.
  • Sole physical Custody – Children will live with one parent.
  • Joint Legal Custody – Both parents will have the right to make decisions about children’s health, education, and welfare.
  • Joint Physical Custody – Children will live with both parents. They will have significant periods of physical custody of children.
  • Visitation – A parent (who doesn’t have physical custody) is given reasonable visitation time with the children.

Once you decide the type of arrangement you want to seek, next, you need to prepare the necessary child custody paperwork. Here’s where the role of legal document assistants comes into play.

A legal document assistant is a paralegal who is authorized to prepare legal documents without the supervision of an attorney. You will find many legal document assistants offering child custody doc prep in Sacramento. Go through the following portion of the article properly to know the main reasons to hire a legal document assistant for legal document preparation.


Reasons to hire an LDA for Child Custody Document Preparation

Here’s why it makes sense to hire a legal document assistant for child custody paperwork preparation:

  • First of all, a legal document assistant takes all the hassle out of preparing legal documents. He has the required training and qualifications. He is well-familiar with the court laws and guidelines. He knows how to prepare legal documents that meet all court requirements. So, if you have a legal document assistant on your side, you don’t need to be worried about anything related to child custody paperwork.
  • Second, an experienced legal document assistant can prepare your required documents very quickly. Actually, preparing legal documents is something these guys do on a regular basis. So, they are completely familiar with the pattern and format of the documents.
  • Third, an LDA can save you a big percentage of an attorney’s fees. Attorneys usually charge a large amount of money for preparing legal paperwork. But if you hire a legal document assistant, you can get your required papers prepared at a much lower cost. However, if you need legal advice, then you should contact an attorney.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Legal Document Assistant

If you are looking for an experienced legal document assistant offering child custody doc prep in Sacramento, then you can contact ‘LegalDoc-prep’. David Weissman owns and operates LegalDoc-prep. He is an LDA who has more than 20 years of experience in this field. He can help you prepare all your required child custody documents with ease. He also offers divorce document preparation, child support document preparation, marital settlement agreement document preparation, etc. You can visit the website – to know more about the services. Also, go through other reliable online resources to learn more about the importance of hiring a legal document assistant for legal document preparation.

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